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Heavy Duty Motorbike Trailer for Sale in Brisbane

When you are in the market for a new heavy duty motorbike trailer in Brisbane, it’s best to buy one built to withstand a lot of use. An Australian Made Heavy Duty Motorbike Trailer in Brisbane could be your best choice. These trailers have a lot of features, including good quality welds, lights and indicators. They also have multiple channels for your bikes with reinforced tie-down points and a checker plate ramp for ease of usage.

Good quality welds for Heavy Duty Motorbike Trailer

Investing in a quality trailer for your motorbikes needs to be ensured that it is made with heavy-duty & 100% Australian steel and is constructed of sturdy materials and brand new wheels and tyres. Go for good-quality welds, heavy-gauge tie-down rails, and a removable swivel jockey wheel. A good quality trailer will also be easy to attach to your transporting vehicle and easy to store.


One of the most important things to consider when buying a heavy-duty motorbike trailer in Brisbane is its lights. There are certain regulations regarding the lighting of heavy duty motorbike trailers in Brisbane, including the requirement for reflectors when parked on the road. You also want to consider whether the trailer is easy to attach to your vehicle and lightweight enough to store when not in use. The body of a heavy duty motorbike trailer in Brisbane can be welded or bolted together, but the welded trailer’s body is more reliable than in the case of a bolted trailer; the whole strength of the trailer relies upon the bolts that put the trailer together. Bolted trailers could be unsafe on the road. Alternatively, if it is bolted together, it is better if the bolts are tack welded on.


When purchasing a heavy duty motorbike trailer in Brisbane, check that it is compliant with the Australian Design Rules (ADRs). All new trailers must comply with these rules by 1 July 2023. Older models may be made compliant by meeting all of the ADR requirements. However, partial adoption of ADR requirements is not permitted. Check that the body of the trailer is welded or bolted so that it is not easily detached when not in use. In addition, check to see that the welds are of high quality.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a heavy-duty motorbike trailer is the weight capacity. A trailer with a weight capacity of up to 610kgs should be able to carry your motorcycle safely. Depending on your budget, a smaller trailer may not be suitable for carrying a heavy bike.

Number plates for Heavy Duty Motorbike Trailers in Brisbane

The number plate on a heavy-duty motorbike trailer is a compulsive requirement of the vehicle.

The National Heavy Vehicle Registration Scheme applies to all heavy vehicles registered in Queensland. This scheme aims to provide consistency across jurisdictions and eliminate the need to change number plates when transferring from one state to another. However, the scheme excludes farm plates and Queensland fire and rescue vehicles. If you have a heavy-duty motorbike trailer in Brisbane, it’s crucial to know the rules and regulations regarding heavy vehicles.

If you already own a motorbike trailer – it is easy to register a heavy-duty motorbike trailer in Brisbane. If you are purchasing your trailer, then it is advisable to buy a trailer with plates on it. Trailers Down Under can provide you with the registration at the applicable registration charges. You can also get a registration certificate from your local transport and motoring service centre. You must bring your trailer to registration and pay the registration fee.

Motorbike Trailer Size & Carrying Capacity

You should also consider the size of the trailer. Make sure that the channels ramp of your trailer matches the bike you are planning to tow and your budget. As a general rule, a heavier bike requires a larger, heavier trailer. Generally, a motorbike trailer should be able to hold between 193 kg and 610 kg.

Price for Heavy Duty Motorbike Trailer in Brisbane

There are many different types of trailers on the market. The price reflects the quality and features of the trailer. A higher-quality trailer will have a smoother ride and more comfort and safety features. A few extra features you can consider while buying a Motorbike Trailers are – Spare Wheel & Jerry Can Holders.

When buying a heavy duty motorbike trailer in Brisbane, consider the type of motorbike that you will be transporting. You may want a trailer that is designed for a single bike or one that can carry two or three bikes. You can also get a trailer that can accommodate a dirt bike in addition to your road bike.

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